Raffaella Giambalvo

Rafaella Giambalvo


Which Cambridge do you work from?

I work out of the Cambridge, UK location.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I have Italian origins and I moved to Cambridge after being hired by F-Star almost 5 years ago. I’ve always been passionate about science and cancer Immunotherapy.

What’s your role at the company?

I am a scientist in biomarker assay development and clinical pharmacology

What are you working on currently?

I work on the FS120 project, supporting the ongoing clinical trial.

What do you enjoy most about the F-star culture?

I like that at F-Star people have the opportunity to develop and advance at the company beyond their original role if they show the passion and the motivation to do so.

What activities do you enjoy when you’re not working?

I like travelling, doing sport and spending time with friends.