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Bispecifics for Life

Pioneering New Cancer Therapies

We are developing next generation therapies to transform the lives of patients with cancer and other serious diseases.

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Bispecifics for Life

Quality of Life

Our goal is to help patients live longer, allowing for quality time with family and friends, while maintaining a high quality of life.

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Bispecifics for Life

Life-Extending Immunotherapies

Our advanced pipeline of immuno-therapies are being designed to enable a paradigm shift in therapies for cancer and other serious diseases.

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Who We Are

F-star is an innovation focused biotech company dedicated to delivering next-generation multispecific antibody therapeutics so more people with cancer and other serious diseases can live longer and improved lives.

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Our Innovative Approach

F-star’s proprietary tetravalent bispecific antibody format is designed to ensure focused, potent and safe activation of the immune system.

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We are developing transformational cancer immunotherapies for patients who have few remaining options.

Our first-in-class and best-in-class drug candidates are designed to work with a patient’s immune system to stop tumors from evading the body’s defense mechanisms.

Our pioneering tetravalent or 2+2 bispecific antibody approach creates two new sites for antigen binding. We call this tetravalency. It’s an elegant solution on the natural human antibody format that does not disrupt its structure or functions.

We are focused on some of the most promising immuno-oncology targets in drug development, including LAG-3 and CD137, targeting a large and growing patient population with unmet medical need.

Our Approach

A stellar platform of novel tetravalent bispecific antibodies.

The strong dual-immune activation enabled by our tetravalent bispecific binding, we believe, will be more effective and enable a transformational shift in patient outcomes.

In development for over a decade, our innovative bispecific antibody platform is validated, patent protected and designed to safely reactivate the immune system to target hard-to-treat cancers.

Our Platform

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We are guided by science. Focused on patients.

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