Scientific Approach

Technology Platform

F-star’s Modular Antibody Technology™ platform introduces a novel antigen-binding site into the constant (Fc) region of an antibody to create a so-called Fcab™ (an Fc-region with antigen binding). The resulting Fcab is then used as a building block for other drug formats. In particular, an Fcab can be easily combined with the variable region (Fab) of an existing antibody to generate a full-length bispecific antibody or mAb2™.

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This simple “plug-and-play” capability of F-star’s discovery engine creates many bispecific product opportunities. F-star's Fcab technology can also be utilized to create mono-specific drugs (e.g. FS102, a HER2 specific Fcab which entered Phase 1 clinical trials sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb*), as well as Antibody Drug Conjugates by the addition of a toxin.

F-star’s Modular Antibody Technology is the proprietary engine that generates bispecific antibodies, designed to efficiently identify those products with superior therapeutic potential.

The Modular Antibody Technology enables:

  • Rapid creation of numerous bispecific target combinations for exploration of novel biology
  • Rapid development and manufacture of selected bispecific drug candidates

F-star has been able to advance a lead candidate from drug candidate through cGMP scale-up and toxicology studies to IND filing in 18 months.


* partnership discontinued (April 2017)