Scientific Approach


A mAb2 TM (pronounced “mAb-square”) is a full-length antibody with a completely normal IgG structure in which the Fc region simply has been replaced by an Fcab containing a second distinct antigen binding site. This allows mAb2 bispecific monoclonal antibodies to bind to two different antigens at the same time.

mAb2 bispecific monoclonal antibodies have been demonstrated to maintain the full functionality, structural integrity and stability of ordinary monoclonal antibodies.

Dozens of different mAb2 have been successfully generated to date. F-star’s Modular Antibody Technology platform creates many product opportunities and offers ease in the development and manufacturing of genuine bispecific monoclonal antibody products.

F-star’s mAb2 bispecific antibody products have been shown not only to outperform traditional monoclonal antibodies by binding two different antigens at the same time but also to benefit from the well-established characteristics of monoclonal antibodies.

The core properties of a mAb2 bispecific antibody include:

  • Looking like a monoclonal antibody with comparable structure to IgG
  • Working like monoclonal antibody by retaining all antibody functionality
  • Behaving like monoclonal antibody by maintaining manufacturing characteristics
  • Superior therapeutic potential to a monoclonal antibody, through novel bispecific biological activity.