Scientific Approach


F-star’s platform introduces an antigen binding site into the Fc region to create a so-called Fcab™ (an Fc-region with antigen binding). An Fcab is the key building block of F-star’s Modular Antibody Technology. Fcab molecules are incredibly versatile and can serve as a building block for creating different classes of biologics depending on the therapeutic need including:

  • Monospecific antibody fragments (Fcabs) which have antibody-like activity on their own
  • mAb2 bispecific antibodies
  • Antibody-drug conjugates

Each particular Fcab that binds to a clinical target of interest is selected and optimized from a diverse library of 10 billion unique Fcabs.

An Fcab retains the benefits of a traditional antibody:

  • Excellent binding characteristics (affinity, specificity)
  • Favorable pharmacokinetics
  • Ability to mobilize immune effector functions
  • Protein stability
  • Well-established manufacturing properties
  • Low immunogenic potential