F-star’s Modular Antibody Technology is ideally suited to produce the next generation of immuno-oncology therapeutics.

Immuno-oncology leverages the body’s natural immune response to fight cancer and is currently one the most exciting areas of research within the biopharmaceutical industry with several key drugs on the market and many in late-stage clinical development.

Immuno-therapies are developed to fight a targeted, cancer cell-specific battle through several mechanisms:

  • Block immune system inhibitory signals (“release the brakes”)
  • Activate immune stimulatory pathways (“step on the gas”)
  • Recruit the immune system to eliminate cancer cells (“steer the response”)

Bispecific antibody products have the potential to induce more than one immuno-therapy mechanism simultaneously, with synergy not possible in co-administering two separate drugs. F-stars “plug-and-play” bispecific technology enables the efficient and broad exploration of novel biology associated with the efficient creation of large panels of bispecific products.

We have the ability to leverage relevant monoclonal antibodies along with Fcab binders to rapidly create large numbers of bispecific products for biological screening.

With the support of our world-class scientific advisory team, we have selected a large number of immuno-oncology targets to which we are currently generating a large number of Fcabs and mAb2 .